How it works

Gaëtan ESCUDEY is a Lawyer at the Paris Bar and a qualified and accredited Mediator.

Whether you need a Lawyer or a Mediator, he will explain you how the process works.

As a lawyer

As your lawyer,  Gaetan ESCUDEY will advise you and defend you to serve your interests.

Because you may never have called on a lawyer before, he will explain you the process and keep you informed of the progress of your case.

Subject to the necessary adaptations to your situation, the main stages are as follows:

  1. You can contact him by e-mail or telephone or via the “make an appointment online” tab.
  2. You can explain him your situation briefly and the subject of the dispute, if necessary using the “start online” tool
  3. You will book a face-to-face consultation or by videoconference at your convenience
  4. You will sign the mission and fees agreement after this meeting
  5. He will request additional information and send you the list of supporting documents
  6. He will do a first legal analysis using the documents submitted
  7. He will determine the best strategy to adopt based on the options to be considered
  8. He will contact the other party and try to negotiate
  9. He will exchange documents with the other party
  10. He will draft the legal document (agreement) or judicial document (disagreement)
  11. You will modify, comment and validate the judicial or legal document
  12. He will send the document to the other party or to the Court
  13. He will litigate you case to the Court hearing or sign the final agreement
  14. He will monitor the implementation of the agreement or of the proceedings

As a mediator

As a mediator, Gaëtan ESCUDEY helps you to find an amicable solution to your dispute. He is neutral and impartial, so he does not take sides. He encourages the re-establishment of non-violent communication between the parties.

Because he does not act as your Lawyer when he is a Mediator, he cannot give you legal advice. If necessary, your lawyer will accompany you during the mediation process and may be present at the mediation sessions.

Subject to the necessary adaptations to your situation, the main stages are as follows:

  1. You can contact the Mediator to start a mediation
  2. The Mediator will confirm that and if the mediation can take place
  3. The mediator will contact the other party and explain who mediation works
  4. The other party must agree to start a mediation process
  5. The Mediation and fees agreement is signed by both parties
  6. The Mediator organize an individual interview with each party (30mn-45mn)
  7. The Mediator organize a joint interview with each party’s lawyers (30mn-45mn)
  8. First joint mediation session (approximately 2 hours):
  • Principles, process, framework and rules of mediation
  • Setting the agenda and the subjects in dispute
  • Listening to each other’s perspectives
  • Determining the needs, values and objectives of each party

9. Second joint mediation session (approximately 2 hours):

  • Creative presentation of possible interest-based options
  • Objective assessment / evaluation of each option to be considered

10. Third joint mediation session (approximately 2 hours):

  • Drafting point of agreement and possible disagreement

Details of how the agreement should be formalised and applied

As a consultant

Gaëtan ESCUDEY can also act as a legal consultant.

He provides legal advice to his colleagues when they deal with difficult international cases.

He will work with your lawyer to ensure that the best international strategy is put in place.

He can also act as an expert to issue expert affidavit explaining French law to foreign Courts.